Frequently asked questions

Q: What's your service area?

A: Better Call Tom is based at the edge of South Bermondsey and Deptford, South-East London. We work mainly within the Greater London area but serving the whole UK.


I have done many removal jobs in England and Wales, including Cardiff, Cambridge, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester, Brighton, Nottingham, Oxford and Bristol.

Q: What is included for the man and van hire price? 

A: Our prices are all-inclusive except for congestion charge and parking (if applicable).


      What's included:

  • man and van hire

  • help to load, unload and move your goods 

  • straps, blankets and trolley to assist your move 

  • insurance, mileage and taxes

  •  van tracking on your mobile

Q: Is there anything else I need to pay?


A: Yes, the congestion charge if at least one of the pick-up/drop-off addresses are within the congestion zone area of Central London. 

Street parking charges are applicable if you require me to help with furniture assembling or any other service which doesn't involve loading/unloading from the van.


I will advise if any of the above is applicable before confirming your booking.

Q: How do I know if the congestion charge applies on my move?

A: If you are moving within or through the congestion zone, the standard fee of £15 will be added to your final bill. We pay the charges directly to TFL and make no profit from it. 


You can check if your pick-up or drop of address is inside the congestion zone HERE. 

Generally, I do not drive through the congestion zone, just only if you ask me to do so. Unfortunately, this charge cannot be avoided if at least one of the pick-up/drop-off addresses is within the congestion zone.

Q: How does your van tracking work?

A: I believe that transparency is the way to go when hiring a man with a van. By offering free van tracking from your mobile, I want to ensure that my clients can have extra peace of mind about my location when transporting their belongings. I text the tracking link to every client on Whatsapp - this comes really handy if you can't travel with me but would like to know my estimated time of arrival to the destination.

Q: Can you provide another man for the job so I don't have to help? 

A: Yes, I can. I normally work alone and always help you loading / unloading. In case you need a 2-man team loading / unloading, please see my price list and let me know in advance. You are always welcome to help loading and unloading.